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Free Site Surveys

The foundations and base for your building are very important, it has to be level and square and the correct base for the location of your greenhouse or garden building. Yorkshire Garden Building Services Ltd offer free site surveys, to discuss with you the best location and most appropriate base for your garden building.

We offer reinforced concrete bases, cast to the full overall dimensions of your greenhouse or garden building. Concrete bases are most suitable if your garden is waterlogged or the area where your building is going to be situated is wet for most of the year.

A solid foundation

Our flagged bases are popular, they provide an attractive floor for your greenhouse and a solid foundation. Flagged bases can also be extended to incorporate a paved or seating area to make your greenhouse or garden building feel a complete part of your garden. They are suitable if your soil is waterlogged or wet.

Some greenhouses offer Dwarf Wall models. The dwarf walls need a solid concrete foundation or concrete strip. One of the most popular is a reinforced concrete base, this provides a level secure a solid foundation for the dwarf wall to be built on. We can cater for a range of brick styles to suit any location, we can discuss with you any preferences.

An alternative to concrete or flags

When constructing a shed, summerhouse, workshop, garden room or cabin, a cheaper alternative to concrete or flags is a mixture of bricks, blocks and packing are compacted into the ground and used to level each floor bearer at regular intervals onto an existing soil or lawn site. Bricks and blocks can only be used providing the ground is stable and compact and the slope is no more than 16’’. We then use tanalised treated 3” X 2” to support the floor joists onto the bricks and blocks, the floor joists of the building are laid across and secured to the bearers at 90 degrees to provide a raised, level and supporting base.

Our Basework

Here are some of our previous projects, carried out all over the UK. We have been involved with some fantastic projects over the years that truly helps us demonstrate our skillset. Images speak louder than words after all!

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